At Nourish We Help You
Eat Your Way To A Healthier You

While we are not the food police, we teach the evidence-based science behind food so you can make the best choices. At Nourish, we present whole food based programs for the entire family as supplements do not always provide the same effects as food. We present fresh ideas for picky eaters, assist athletes in refueling, and provide a functional approach to build the foundation for your strongest, healthiest and best life. While we can’t turn back the clock, we can preserve valuable muscle by focusing on smart nutrition to help us age gracefully.

Healthy Habits
Make The Healthiest You

At Nourish, we use ProCoach software from Precision Nutrition to teach you how to eat better with a daily shot of inspiration, a new habit every two weeks, and articles to support the habit. The focus is on behaviors so the outcome you want (more muscular, leaner, faster recovery from injury, enhanced athletics, less inflammation and more) becomes your reality. 100,000 people including professional athletes like Sloan Stephens and regular people like you and me have experienced positive results from ProCoach.

Working together,
we will change your life.

The team at Nourish is led by Jennifer Ernst MSNS, PN
Jennifer completed her masters in nutritional science with an emphasis in sports nutrition at the University of Kentucky. She completed practicums at National Institute of Health and National Cancer Institute. To become a better coach, she trained with Precision Nutrition. While she has worked with a variety of clients to achieve diverse goals, she is inspired by helping people who think their goal is impossible to achieve.

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