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As a natural problem solver with a love for people, Jennifer’s interest in nutrition came from watching people jump from one trendy diet to another. Instead of solving a variety of health concerns, following a fad often leads to disastrous side effects without resolving the initial issue. She knew there had to be a simpler solution than extreme diet or rigid meal plans, multiple supplements, or expensive testing to solve digestive issues, inflammation, nutritional deficiencies and obesity. She uses evidenced based practices to teach persons simple solutions. Some digestion issues can be resolved by understanding how our gastrointestinal system and microbiome function. Education is a powerful tool to help you experience complete wellness.

Healthy Habits
Make The Healthiest You

Jennifer believes people can be healthy at any size (HAES). Wellness results from healthy habits and achievable practices. At Nourish, the focus is on behaviors so the outcome becomes your reality. Eat real food, mostly plants while enjoying your meals is something clients frequently hear. Contact me if you are looking for fresh ideas for your picky eater or a functional approach to build the foundation for your strongest, healthiest, and best life. Time can’t be turned back, but I can teach you to preserve valuable muscle by focusing on precision nutrition to help you age gracefully.

Working together,
lets change your life.

The team at Nourish is led by Jennifer Ernst CSNS, PN. Jennifer completed her masters in nutritional science with an emphasis in sports nutrition at the University of Kentucky. She completed practicums at National Institute of Health and National Cancer Institute. To become a better coach, she trained with Precision Nutrition. While she has worked with a variety of clients to achieve diverse goals, she is inspired by helping people who think their goal is impossible to achieve.


$50 per half hour
$95 per hour

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Half-hour – $50

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4 fifteen-minute sessions – $100

Organize your goals
2 half-hour sessions – $80

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