Crispy Kale

Unless you are using dinosaur or another variety of gentler kale, strip the heavy back rib– by either just pulling it off while holding the softer leaf. Then tear the kale into bite sized pieces. Sometimes for ease, I buy the big bag of “juicing kale” and I find the big rib (which provides a lot of beautiful nutrition) does not need removing for this recipe. It won’t get as crispy as the leaf, but it is still delish. Toss the kale with a bit (1 Tbsp for 4 fist sized bunches of kale) of neutral oil. I usually would use olive, but recently, I tried sesame and it was quite good. You can season (s&p, cayenne, savory, nutritional yeast…) prior to roasting or after baking at 325-350 degrees F (175-200 degrees C) for ten minutes or until the kale is crispy to your liking. I like to season 1/2 prior to baking and add a bit at the end.