Simple Onion Soup

2-3 pounds –your choice–leeks, yellow onions, shallots, scallions

2 Tbsp neutral oil– like olive or avocado

1/2 cup dry white wine or some ACV or white vinegar

8 Cups broth – vegetable, chicken, beef (beef is traditional for french onion soup) any will work

a few cloves garlic

S&P to taste

You may want to garnish with a splash of (dairy or non-dairy) milk or cream, a pat of (dairy or non-dairy) butter, Gruyère (or another) cheese, a toasted baguette, or some herbs.

Peel, slice, and trim ends of allium chosen. For leeks– consider cutting in bite sized pieces, but for yellow onions, you can just cut in half. In a large heavy pot, Sweat alliums in oil. Cooking low and slow will provide beautiful aromas and the most bang for the nutritional buck. If you want garlic in your soup, add it once the onions start to soften. Once your onions are translucent, add your acid (wine, vinegar or both). Cook a bit longer. Transfer to blender and whir unless you like your pieces on the larger side. If you opted for leeks, I wouldn’t whir them in the blender– they will be fine as you cut them. Combine your onion mixture with your broth. Heat thoroughly. Garnish as you like.