Vegan “tuna salad”

1- 15ounce can of garbanzo beans-rinsed and drained

3 Tbsp tahini

1 tsp-1Tbsp Dijon or spicy brown mustard (we like Colman’s too)

1 Tbsp maple syrup, agave or honey (if you don’t eat honey, there is a vegan honey recipe on the next page)

1/4 cup each diced red onion, celery, pickle

1 tsp capers, we like our capers toasted

Sea Salt and Black pepper to taste

1 Tbsp roasted, unsalted sunflower, hemp or sesame seeds (optional)

Mash ~7/8ths of your chickpeas, add rest of ingredients, except for S&P. Mix. Add S&P to your liking.