Bourbon Ice Cream

This is a bit of a work in progress. Fortunately, I have access to many willing tasters. Non-dairy ice creams without additives get a bit icy quickly. They are creamy for the first few days then become a bit more like a slushy than an ice cream. I’ll adjust this as I improve it.

To make 2-pints:

Allow one cup riced cauliflower (fresh or frozen) to marinate in 2 ounces bourbon until the cauliflower loses its form (the “walls” of the plant breakdown) 12-24 hours. I tried Woodford Reserve for its honey vanilla flavor and Russell’s Reserve single barrel for its cinnamon notes.

I really wanted to create a vegan option and I had a lot of time and ingredients. I had already made vegan “honey”. For non-dairy, you can purchase non-dairy half and half — I like Silk half oat milk half coconut milk or make your own by soaking nuts. For this recipe, I soaked raw cashews to make the nut cream/milk adding vegan honey (I used the Roubxe recipe) for sweetness (1 Tablespoon honey for 1 cup nuts to make 16 ounces milk).

Combine rice, milk and one additional tablespoon honey –if you think this needs more sweetness. Blend in an ice cream maker or a high speed blender until creamy. I like to store in those white paper ice cream cups.