Whole food plant based cooking.

This series of classes will discuss:

  1. How to consume optimal nutrition.
  2. How to make simple, yet fabulous, meals in efficient manner that fit various special needs- (gluten, dairy, nut free, AIP).
  3. How to make one meal for the family.
  4. Digestion.

At Nourish, we want to hear your special needs and we want to make eating feel simple. While this series of classes will focus on serving meals that hit all your nutrient needs, all the vegetables are fibrous (cholesterol lowering), low calorie (waist whittling) and delicious (satiating).

Sundays in March, 6:30pm

$10, scholarships available. Call or email with any questions!

Click HERE to pay.

Recipes and topics will vary week to week and I’ll post here.

3/21 Asian Inspired Chickpea Salad. Discussion on digestion continues. This week will be about cortisol and stress reduction. Seeking a person to let us review their food journal.

3/38 Berry nice cream cake. Discussion on cognition and the gut brain axis. Harissa roasted cauliflower. Spice benefits

4/10 Falafel or tabouleh. Wrapping up digestion. Deep breathing techniques. Spice benefits.