Superfood bowls

Superfoods are foods with exceptional health benefits for the amount of calories they provide. They change year to year in popularity. 2020- superfoods were mostly savory -purple potatoes, broccoli sprouts, turmeric, kefir, popcorn, Jerusalem artichoke and oyster mushrooms. In 2019, we considered energy directing antioxidants to be the superfoods of the year-blueberries, açaí, olive oil, crucifers. Kale and blueberries are back in the spotlight for 2021 along with tea, avocado and seeds.

I hope this pic inspires you to create superfood bowls and bars. I borrowed it from a post from Man of Many of Melbourne. I hope to replace it with pics of my own goodies soon.

Anything that can be made into a bowl, could be made as bars using a sheet pan. We all love a treat — might as well pack the treat with healthy options. When making your bowl— remember as nutritious and delicious as the bowl can be—it can be packed with calories- so size matters!
Bowls are enjoyed slower than a smoothie so can be a great option to savor.

The base:

for two bowls

1 T Açaí powder or frozen berry packet

1 cup frozen berries or banana

Handful of spinach

1T nut butter will make this more creamy -peanut will have a distinct flavor but almond butter is less noticeable.

Blend until smooth—if you’d like this to be similar to ice cream, freeze until firm (1-4 hours) and scoop into bowls.


hemp seeds, coconut flakes, cacao nibs, fresh or frozen berries, goji berries, banana slices (or other fruit), chia seeds, oats, slivered almonds

Use approximately 1 tsp for nuts, seeds, grains or treats, 1/4 cup for fresh or frozen fruit

Assemble like you would any other sundae—as you eat with your eyes first. Enjoy!