Crunchy, powerful seeds

This is modified from an Epicurious recipe. They used an egg white, honey and olive oil wash that I found tasty and gave the recipe polish— but could be skipped if you had time constraints or concerns about cooking with oils, eggs, honey or salt. The seeds stand powerfully and beautifully alone.

1 egg white

2 T mild oil like EVOO

2 T honey or agave or maple syrup

optional: 1 T Aleppo pepper (or another seasoning you love )

1 tsp kosher or large flake salt (optional & to your own taste)

1 cup raw sunflower seeds

1/2 cup each: chia, flax and sesame

Combine everything except your seeds with 1 T water. Add seeds and stir until coated. Let sit 25-30 minutes. Preheat Your oven to 325°. Spread mixture on parchment or silpat and bake 25 minutes or until golden. It will form clusters like granola.

I found mixing the seeds with the spice and half the salt made a delicious combo. Because I did that first before trying the baking method, I did not miss the rich flavor full combo that baking, honey, olive oil add to the seeds.